Care Coordination

What is care coordination?
Fairview Care Coordination supports patients and families dealing with chronic or complex health conditions, developmental issues and
social service needs. This service is available to all ages, from babies to seniors.


When you’re facing a difficult decision about caring for yourself for someone you love, we can help you understand your options. We
identify and refer to community resources; helping with financial, legal, mental health, transportation and other issues. We also help with your
medical and related education needs.


Our goal is to promote a coordinated transition of care between all your sources of care, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or
home care.


Is care coordination right for me?

If your care requires you to see multiple providers at different locations, or if you are newly diagnosed with a chronic illness, care coordination
can make it easier to get the care you need. We coordinate your health care through a team approach with your input. Your team identifies and assists you in accessing the medical and community services you need to reach your best medical, social,economic and psychological health.


Meet your care coordination team

  • Registered nurse care coordinator: Focuses on complex medical needs
    Develops patient and family-centered goals
    Provides education on medications, disease management and new diagnosis
    Connects you to resources and addresses concerns about medical conditions
    Communicates with care team to optimize overall health and well-being

  • Social worker care coordinator: Focuses on emotional health needs
    Provides education related to diagnosis
    Develops patient and family-centered goals
    Connects to variety of community-based resources
    Communicates with care team and community partners

How can I connect with a care coordinator?
Contact your clinic
Speak with your doctor or clinic staff
Discuss with hospital staff before discharge


Fairview Mesaba Clinics
To schedule an appointment with a Fairview provider, call 866-806-7139.



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